Pine Straw application for your landscape.

Pine Straw application in New Bern N.C. The Pros to using pine straw in the landscape are it looks good, it  helps defend against weeds, and it helps retain moisture for the plants health.

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We specialize in applying pine straw for both residential and commercial customers. Choosing two applications per year will help keep all our customers landscape looking great year round. Using straw gives our customers the best bang for their buck compared to the higher cost of colored mulch. If you need an estimate for your property we would love to help you out. The two options that we carry are long needle and short needle. The long needle has more of a copper color and stays fresh longer. The short needle has a more darker brownish color and resists being blow away better in high wind areas. In most instances our customers chose the long needle for its clean appearance and brighter color. Both landscape pictures above have  long needle straw in them.

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